Your resume is important.


Recruiters will receive the digital version of your resume as soon as your registration for the Career Fair is approved. Some recruiters will use the digital Resume Book to schedule private interviews with selected students.




If your resume does not conform to the following guidelines, it will not be in the Resume Book. No exceptions. These guidelines are standard professional practice, and are what recruiters expect to see in a professional resume.


The resume you upload is the resume recruiters will see. Please proofread your resume before submitting. If you need to update or make changes to your resume, please email Do not cancel your registration or register for the career fair a second time.

  • Your resume must be in PDF format (Adobe Acrobat). You can convert your document to PDF format on many websites at no cost. Most schools have Acrobat or another program which can convert a file to PDF.
  • Your resume must fit on 8 ½ by 11” paper. This is standard US "Letter"-sized paper. Each student is entitled to one page in the Resume Book. If resume is longer, we will use the first page only. 
  • The PDF file should be named as follows: LAST NAME followed by FIRST NAME. For example, John Smith should name his resume: SmithJohn.pdf ).


The resumes will be alphabetized by filename. If your resume file is named anything else, or your last and first names are not in the correct order, recruiters will not be able to find you in the Resume Book listing. 

  • No photos or graphics. Professional US resumes do not include photos. 
  •  The first few lines contain only your contact information. The Resume Book style looks like this:



156 Main Street

New York, NY 99999

Tel: (212) 657-7684





Your contact information is centered and formatted as follows:


(a) Your name should come first, in capital letters, bold type, one point larger than the rest of your contact information.

(b) Your address and phone number should be in regular type, centered. Give only one phone number.

(c) Your email address (and, if desired, your web address) should be in regular type, centered. Additional stylistic advice is given below.

(d) Leave 1/2"margins on the top, bottom, and right, and 1 inch on the left.

(e) Use an email address that will be valid even after you graduate. Many companies keep these resume books for several years and refer back to them.





Uploading your resume is part of the registration process. Have your resume ready before you begin the registration process.


Prepare your resume carefully. You may submit just one version; subsequent versions will NOT be included in the Resume Book.





Your resume is an important marketing document designed to sell your background to a targeted reader. Generally, readers of resumes see hundreds of resumes and spend very little time with any single one, so it is essential that your resume be easy-to-read and concise yet highlight key points that relate to your future employment objectives. Remember, the purpose of the resume is to get an interview, not to get the job, so excessive detail is best left for the interview.


DATES: For a cleaner look, put the dates on the same line as the college or place of employment rather than in the left margin. (Dates are not really that important.)


Dates should be expressed in terms of years (2012-2013), giving an easier-to-read format than January 2012 - December 2013. For summer jobs, use Summer, 2013. If you must use dates, use abbreviations with no periods.


For dates of employment: if you held more than one position with an employer, list the date after the position held (on the same line, in parentheses). If you held only one position with an employer, list the date on the same line as the company.


SALARY AND OTHER PERSONAL INFORMATION: A resume should not include salaries or truly personal information such as health, height, weight, or marital status. Citizenship or visa status is OK.


WRITING STYLE: Do not use "I,” "me", and "my", and don't overuse "the", "a", and "an". Formatting and writing styles should remain consistent throughout. Express yourself in a manner that is specific and concise.


SPELLING AND PROOFREADING: Correct spelling and grammar are critical -- they reflect your ability to get things right. Using the spell-check feature of a word processor is a good idea, but you should also have a friend or teacher read your resume to check its grammar, spelling, and overall clarity.

Please proofread your resume before submitting. If you need to update or make changes to your resume, please email Do not cancel your registration or register for the career fair a second time.

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